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Easter bunnies brioches
Poppy seeds snails with cream
Soft milk brioshes with chocolate - Tutorial

Cakes and Mini-Cakes

Birthday cake with fondant 'Happy Farm'
Birthday cake with fondant 'Spring morning'
Carrot cake with peanut butter frosting
Christmas Tree Cake
Coconut cake with pomegranate frosting
"Death by Chocolate" cake
Mango Minicakes
Mini (Italian) apple pie
Strawberries-tiramisú Charlotte
Strawberries mousse cake with vanilla-yogurt heart

Strawberries Rhubarb Cake
Triple mousse cake with chocolate glaze
Zucchini cake with apple and chocolate


Almonds Cheesecake with Sourcherry-Choco heart (No-bake)
Baked Apple Cheesecake
Cheesecake with strawberries topping
Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake (no-bake)
Little Blueberries Lemon Cheesecakes
Mini Banana Cheesecakes
Red Grape Cheesecake with Marsala Wine (No-bake)
Tiramisú-Cheesecake with brandy and a touch of chili (No-bake)

Beer chicken rolls with speck and cheese


Apple, hazelnuts and rolled oats
Coconut macaroons with fruit and honey
Ginger cookies with cinnamon and maple syrup
Hazelnuts Cantuccini (without butter)
Macarons: Tips and Tricks
Peanuts Chocolate Cookies
Shortbread cookies sea-life
Shortbread cookies, farm anima
Stamped Shortbread cookies

Brownie, Cupcakes, Muffins, Scones
Baylis Chocolare Brownie

Custards, Cream & Mousses
Pistachio Crème Brûlée
Tiramisú in a glass
Watermelon Pudding (Gelo di Mellone)

(Other) Desserts

Almonds crunch
Baskets of caramel and honey
Hot Chocolate (65% dark chocolate)
Quark-dumplings with strawberry heart

Sweet apricot dumplings
Sweet slices ​​with almonds and lemon cream

Finger food
Goat cheese pralines with grapes, honig and toasted hazelnuts


Anchovies in the oven
Salmon fillets on kohlrabi and potatoes with chives créme fraîche sauce

Ice Cream
Quark and strawberries popsicles

Main Courses

Beer chicken rolls with speck and cheese
Eggplant and polenta parmigiana
Savoy cabbage rolls with meat
Spelt and carrots veggie-burgers with home-made buns
Stuffed zucchini boats with quinoa and tuna

Pasta, Lasagne, Gnocchi & Risotti

Anelletti timbales in aubergine crust -single serving
Baked anelletti pasta Palermo's style
Baked pasta-muffins with peas and ham Conchiglie pasta with zucchini cream, seeds and toasted pine nuts
Hand-made Quadrucci pasta with beans (tutorial)

Pumpkin GNOCCHI with butter, bacon and sage
Pumpkin and Salmon Lasagne
Risotto Chanterelles and Sausage
Sweet Ravioli with Ricotta cheese 
Trofie with Ricotta cheese, Spinach and sun dried tomato

Personals, inspirational, books

Advent Calendar 2014

Frohe Fr(Ostern!)
Languages of rainbows
Let's celebrate The miss Tools birthday with a Giveaway
My 40th Birthday
Salt dough 'magnetic' cookies

The absurdity of the over-qualification 
The miss Tools turns 2!
There's No Such Place as Far Away - to Rae for her Birthday
Winter White Tiergarten

Quiches & Tarts

Polenta tarts with leek and feta cheese
Quiche broccoli, gruyére and black olives
Quiche radicchio, goat cheese and figs
Quiche Zucchini and Feta cheese
Soft peppers tartelettes

Oven rosted cherry-tomato tart with eggplant mousse

Side dishes
Duchess Potatoes


Yellow zucchini soup with wheat
Parsnip and Apple with Ginger
Summer yellow lentils soup with Ras el Hanout
Spelt soup with beans

Sugar Fondant

Birthday cake 'fairy' the princess, the dragon and the unicorn
Birthday Cake 'Dinosaur'
Birthday Cake 'Airplane'
Birthday cake 'Spring morning'
Birthday cake 'Happy Farm'
Birthday cake 'Pink Unicorn'
Birthday cake 'easy Train'
Birthday cake 'Toothless"
Red roses cascade cake
Christmas decorated cookies
Farm animals (cookies)
Halloween cookies
sea-life animals (cookies)
Fairy Unicorns (cookies)
Snowman (cookies)


Alsatian apple tart
Baked-cream tart with pineapple and raspberries
Chocolate-coffee tartlets with orange marmalade
Fresh currant tartlets with oven-baked pastry cream

Hand-made pasta from Abruzzo
Soft milk brioshes with chocolate
Sweet Ravioli with Ricotta cheese 

Travels & Cities

Carinzia - Wörthersee
IFA Berlin 2012
Naschmarkt Berlin
Postcards from Sicily
Postcards from St. Petersburg
Vulcano Island and its sunsets

Yeast Bread, Cakes & Focaccia

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